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Hi, I’m MIllisen Griffin located in Orlando.

EM2HR Alliance is an Administrative Services Organization (ASO). An ASO is not a co-employment or employee leasing organization.

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Millisen Griffin the CEO and the Founder of EM2HR Alliance holds a Masters Degree in Human Resources. She has functioned in management for over 20 years, 15 of which were Human Resources focused. Throughout her career, she has acquired skills in all aspects of HR, including implementation and building HR departments from the ground up. She had the pleasure of working as an HR Business Professional for a PEO and managed over 200 business clients ranging in various industries. Millisen is a diversified HR expert and recruiter that achieved successful strategies for organizations’ success and placements in all levels and roles of employment. Her passion and commitment is to bring her expertise to business owners for less than what it costs to hire an HR professional directly while providing excellent services to the clients.

Startups I’m involved in

I'm not currently involved in any startup.