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Hi, I’m Chris Cowell located in Orlando, FL.

My Interests

agile lamp css wordpress nginx angularjs javascript node.js jquery oop mvc

A LITTLE ABOUT ME I am a self-starter that can easily be motivated by a visionary leader/manager. I work well with teams that has a risk tolerance for innovation. I enjoy a good technical discussion and love to learn from others. I work well with leaders that can trust his/her team members. I am a hard worker that has learned the importance of work-life balance. I am very proficient in performance tuning and analysis. I am a numbers guy who love the challenges of quantifying data for real world solutions. I am very creative and have built a career off of thinking outside of the box. I have over 4 years of CPU design experience that allows me to debug from unique angles.

Startups I’m involved in

I'm not currently involved in any startup.