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Hi, I’m Fernando Johann located in Buenos Aires.

I'm an early adopter, sales animal, looking for a project to shape the world

My Interests

sales project management innovation pitching fundraising

I'm a consultant on offer creation, early adoption of technology, and radical value added strategy. He is a stage communication and public speaking coach. Since 2008 he teaches innovation and entrepreneurship related courses at ITBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2008-2015) UTFSM (Santiago, Chile), and INN (Lima, Perú) at which he is currently teaching on its Technology and innovation Magister Degree. I've coached TEDx Speakers in 2009 and 2010. He is a presentation curator for TEDxUTFSM and coach for the Boosterup series events. He hosted the local franchise for O’Reilly Media’s IGNITE event. He is a Senior Biz dev at Edge Americas, a streaming and delivery tech company from Buenos Aires. As a Materials Science Engineer, he's worked in biomaterials R&D for four years, but latter jumped to start his own business in 2010. He has developed innovation processes at firms ranging from small wind energy generation and solar energy, to telecommunication companies (Telefónica) and banks (Santander). He's built several start ups, both as a consultant and as a founder.

Startups I’m involved in

I'm not currently involved in any startup.