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Hi, I’m Carlos J Vega located in Orlando, FL.

My Interests

CAD Marketing Manufacturing Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing Graphic Design

My degree is in Criminal Justice, my training is actually in Logistics and Supply, my passion is Rapid Prototyping. It was a long road to reach that final realization, from that I have owned and operated my own Rapid Prototyping shop. Over the years clients ask for a working model of their idea or concept, if I could not build it , I find the person that can. There is no shame in saying I don't know or I need help. We recently moved to Orlando, FL the shop moved with us but has not been fully setup, in response I went and found a Maker space here in town and setup what tools I could at home. There isn;t really a problem that cannot be solved without a little though and willingness to solve it.

Startups I’m involved in

I'm not currently involved in any startup.