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Hi, I’m Omar Khateeb located in Orlando.

I work in Healthcare

I left medical school and became the U.S. marketing manager for a public surgical robotics through intellectual curiosity and focused execution.

My Interests

medical devices marketing sales leadership strategy startup healthcare social media tradeshow strategy neuromarketing

I'm the type that can take a physics formula and reverse engineer it so it applies to marketing and add a flare of neuroscience to it.

I am a voracious reader (3-5 books/ week) but more importantly a practitioner of the knowledge I acquire. I look for opportunities to add value by implementing creative and strategic solutions.

Throughout my career, I leveraged my analytical skills as a trained scientist and found success combining it with sales and marketing.

I was formerly the U.S. Marketing Manager at Mazor Robotics and left in an extremely unconventional way. (Read more here:

The arc of my work is to provoke change and ask the right questions to put decisions in the right frame. It will be uncomfortable. It will be unconventional. However, it will be generous and will illuminate outcomes that your organization may not have considered or even seen.

Watch this video on a talk I gave in 2015 and it will give you a glimpse into what I'm most passionate about.

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p.s. mister:

p.s. mister: is a fashion inventions company. We t...