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Hi, I’m Michael duPont located in Orlando (Dr. Philips), FL.

Maker, Data Scientist, API/DB Dev, Entertainment Engineer, and Pilot

My Interests

api development javascript arduino python microcontrollers data science machine learning pebble raspberry pi database design

I'm a computer programmer, maker, theatre tech, and pilot based in Orlando, FL. I'm a data scientist who primarily works with embedded systems like the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Intel Edison, but I also have experience with a wide variety of languages, platforms, and skills. I'm one of those swing players that knows enough about a lot of things, preferring not to totally specialize; it is very helpful as a maker and prototyper. Because of this, I often find myself leading teams at hackathons because I know what each developer needs from the other.

Startups I’m involved in

I'm not currently involved in any startup.