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Hi, I’m Susan Lee located in winter park .

I work in Media

3D/ Graphic artist/ animator/ Musician/ Music composer

My Interests

3d music art-2d graphic design motion graphic

My Name is Susan Lee; I am an adaptive, creative, and hard working person. I have Bachelor of Fine Arts from Chinese Culture University (Taipei, Taiwan) and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation from Full Sail University. While attending school I never stopped creating art and doing design. During school, I received many awards, including: Advanced Achiever Award in Art 1 and 2 also in Visual Effects 1 and I graduated Valedictorian. I am a motivated self-starter who works well with others. I am punctual and can implement feedback given to my by my seniors and peers.

I am not only a professional in many mediums of traditional art, I am also able to design and communicate my ideas well. I have published my own iOS mobile game, designed an original character for print on t-Shirts. My artwork has been featured galleries in both US and in Taiwan. While at Full Sail University

Since I graduated I have interned at Kaleidoscope for 3 months working on virtual reality stores using a Unity/3DsMax pipeline. I have also been freelancing for Nomi Studio in California and doing reality simulation for the pilot of Westmore Chornicles. Also working part time for PSAV creating visual effects assets for the commercial.

I am a perfectionist and the kind of person who never gives up. I am a problem solver and always looking for a better method to solve any problem. For me, quality is the most important thing and I have a good eye for making things appealing. After I graduated Full Sail University in February 2015 I taught myself Unity, Unreal Engine, Cinema4D and am currently teaching myself C++ and Swift coding languages.

Susan Lee +1 626 478 8910 Email:

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3D designer

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