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Hi, I’m Pedro Poveda located in Orlando.

My Interests

node.js mongodb express.js

As a senior in the University of Central Florida, I enjoy applying my theoretical knowledge to practical frameworks in order to solve real-world problems. What sets me apart from other applicants with similar knowledge is friendly but passionate determination, strong planning and leadership, excellent communication skills and patience (something I have learned is necessary for development).

I am have intermediate skill level with Node + Express and also have experience using HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, and jQuery for the front end using EJS as a templating engine. I can quickly implement and, if necessary, modify and npm module to suit the needs of any project. I mostly use git with the command line, but am able to use SourceTree as well.

I am familiar with Agile Development (e.g Kanban, scrum sprints, etc.) and can help a company implement this type of development framework if they have not before.

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