Zipline Green, Inc.

With patents pending worldwide on what we call the 'Oasis Smart Guideway,' Zipline Green creates opportunities for client communities to choose from several infrastructure options to best serve their needs: transportation (via monorail), pipelines (natural gas, oil, distilled petroleum products, water, or agricultural products), secure high speed data, low or high voltage transmission lines, etc. Their infrastructure choices, with the exception of the transport, are then integrated inside our guideway, which is reinforced concrete and includes various security and monitoring features. By integrating a solar power array, we can offer all of these infrastructure solutions in an energy-neutral configuration, saving our clients millions in energy costs.

The Oasis Smart Guideway is managed by our proprietary Digital Control System (DCS), which is cloud based and secure. We can triage our client community's system issues remotely and then dispatch technicians and/or maintenance crews to the location in need of attention. The system can be hosted in the client state, or if no secure location is available, we can host it for them.

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