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This startup is just beginning, and I'm looking for ambitious game designers, developers, and concept/3D artists that are interested in becoming part of a small studio. The primary focus of the studio will be asset creation and marketing for video games, architectural visualization, and other industries interested in similar content (character models, props, blueprints, materials, plugins). My hopes is that the startup will also begin working on game development in the near future. As the startup is still fresh, there is not immediate opportunity for competitive compensation. HOWEVER, there is capital available for investment, and my plan is to grow this startup rapidly, and there is a great opportunity for ambitious talent to be part of a fast growing company. The work for this startup will be initially completed within our existing company, in an exclusive office space. Please feel free to ask any questions, and please include portfolio links, or otherwise fitting links. Let's go!


css c++ unreal blueprints

I would like to gain access to a developer with experience in Unreal Engine 4, and is up to date with current versions and features. This individual would be responsible for any coding, blueprint work, and plug-in creation that is conducive to our projects.

Commitment: part-time

Visual Artist

photoshop illustrator 3d modeling 3d texturing unreal

This role would be responsible for 3D modeling of assets, including material/texture creation. This person should be skilled at all aspects of model creation, including rigging, animation, and optimization. Ideally (not necessarily required), this person will also have experience with Unreal Engine, and familiarization with newer features, such as Niagra and Chaos, that can help us to create modern and competitive assets.

Commitment: part-time

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