Outdoor Robotics - Drone & UAS Technology

We are looking for good guys/gals that want to work this Startup division of our company. Outdoor RoboticsTM is a division of Grimmster established to innovate, design and develop Drone and “UAS” (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Flight Robotics for personal and commercial use.


auto desk inventor grabcad

Designing outdoor robotics modular airframe technology using autodesk inventor, solidworks or autocad. Designs are all rendered for 3D printing.

Commitment: part-time


social marketing researcher writer content builder

We are looking for a person that is excited about the emerging market of Multirotors and how they will be changing the landscape of aerial filming, geomapping, data gathering and much more. This position is about being a contributor of research, writing and posting to the Outdoor Robotics blog and OR Social Media Marketing. Essentially you are a natural community builder.

Commitment: part-time


multirotor final cut pro gopro

This is not your typical film making position because most of the film making and editing will be of aerial footage. We are looking for a person that likes action and to view things above the box. Multirotor experience is not necessary but would be useful if you want to do more than editing.

Commitment: part-time

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