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Whether it’s finding a cure for cancer or building a colony on Mars, these achievements all require the advancement of technology. We believe that the best way to advance humanity is to speed up the adoption of the most impactful FOSS.


We identify FOSS with the most potential, help them become sustainable, and create educational and media content to accelerate their adoption. We empower the code poets of tomorrow.


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Title: Technical Content Producer

This position could be filled by someone who is more Junior or more Senior. Gregg is willing to teach someone how to create the best technical content for developers if they have a passion for it.


  • Create and maintain videos teaching code for FOSS.
  • Create and maintain relationships with targeted FOSS community.
  • Help keep video production schedule up to date to communicate expectation.
  • Constantly strive to improve educational video quality, while streamlining production process.
  • Assist with content marketing strategy.
  • Write up associated video copy for use in publishing and marketing.
  • Work closely with Gregg as the editor. Attend content editorial meetings.
  • Help streamline and document content production process.


  • Learner. Have a desire to learn and improve. Must be interested in learning new technologies in the interest of teaching them.
  • Empathy. Can imagine the feelings of students and anticipate where they’re going to need more explanation and guidance.
  • Explainer. Gets motivated by helping others get that Aha moment, where they were able to understand for the first time.
  • Input. Enjoy collecting information from multiple sources, and articulating it into teaching material. Also enjoy receiving feedback on their work, and honing their craft.

Required Knowledge

  • Need to have some experience teaching technology.
  • Need to feel comfortable getting in front of a camera.

Nice to Haves:

Experience creating educational videos online about technology. Experience with Keynote.

Full Time Paid Position with Equity.

Commitment: full-time

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