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Modern Connect is a universal advertising platform that uses a unique indexing system that allows business owners, event planners and entertainers to connect, engage and market to offline consumers. Modern Connect is complimentary and works great with traditional offline ad campaigns displayed on Billboards, Posters, Live Seminars, Radio Ads and Television Commercials--but also doubles over as an Mobile Event app for Trade Shows, Convention Centers, Hotels, Malls and Festivals. Business owners have access to consumer demographics, advanced analytics, reduced advertising costs, green technology, and digital marketing via push and in-app notifications while consumers enjoy a single app to conveniently access and receive notifications from their favorite deals and specials .


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Lead Developer needed to manage existing development team. Apply secure coding practice, manage current and new software requirements, create technical documentation, software testing.

Commitment: part-time


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Directory of Business Operations needed to oversee administrative aspects of the company. Project planning, budgeting, accounting, funding, business objectives, planning, strategy and compliance.

Commitment: part-time


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Marketer needed to create marketing plan and manage overall marketing strategy. Identify new features to enhance current prototype. Identify and establish new business relationships. Research digital market trends.

Commitment: part-time

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