Kritik is a social network where people can rate and review movies and TV series.

Kritik is a new app designed for movie and TV lovers to share how they feel about their favorite content. Instead of following the Rottentomatoes/ Metacritic/ IMDB model, Kritik has a few tricks up its sleeve. Not only will we be providing a platform where movie lovers and unite, but we also provide a personalized rating for the user.

Kritik is not breaking any new ground with technology, but rather applying existing concepts and applying them in an all new way. Kritik was conceived and built around market research and customer validation. There is a definite need for an app like this, and we are ready to deliver it. All we need is a finished, functioning mvp.


php api development social media web development mysql api movies

Interest in movies/ TV is a must! It's our company culture, so get excited about it!

The next step for us is to get from prototype to marketable app, and that means we need a kick ass back-end dev to take us from ground zero to minimum viable product. Our developer should be knowledgeable, nearly full-stack, and ready to provide the back end for what will definitely be a mobile app, and likely have a desktop destination as well.

Whatever methods you think are necessary, we are open to hearing them. Again, we are not re-inventing the wheel, so whatever makes this app more fluid the better. I'm sure you have questions, and we have answers! So if you're interested, just shoot me a message! I'm interested to hear your thoughts and ideas, and tell you more about this exciting project. Thanks for looking!

Commitment: part-time


app design ux design graphic design design

Interest in movies/ TV is a must! It's our company culture, so get excited about it!

We need someone to take our designs and wireframes from Kritik and turn them into current, sexy social media goodness. If UX design is what you do best, then we want you!

Commitment: part-time

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