JP Presents...The JaQet Project

Jammin' Products first major project to connect sports fans all over the world with a new vision of 'team'.

The JaQet Project is a collaboration of fashion and technology that will bring the team experience to not just your local clubs or individual sport representative, but to the world through networking. This creation will revolutionize contact and visual sexiness for your favorite team and in real time, join fans all over the world with access to special content and awards. There will be special designs and limited editions as well, but the goal is to have this experience shared all over.


sports marketing project management

This person must be a sports fanatic and understand the many sports algorithms. Championships lead to dreams of what will happen next year. The collection of information and projections of what will happened will assure the future of the growth of projects to come. Working with the team and understanding the return information will help with the choices of what will be added, updated and revoked.

This person will work closely with the team and make sure the timelines are met for enclosure and deployment. This person will have experience with working with sports agencies in sales and marketing at the minimum.

Commitment: part-time


cad 3d printing circuit design bluetooth wifi mobile connectivity oled led

The Heart Device will function on its own pending the WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile app connection. Best features will be used in stadiums/arenas/fields/domes that have connection access. The device will be designed to have access to connect to an external powered device as well as to use the power source from a hard line connection to specified mobile devices.

The designer will need to have knowledge of flexible display technology, 3D printing and possible PCB device creation printing.

Commitment: part-time


live stream ui/ux social networking ios app android app mobile app bluetooth wifi mobile connectivity

This person will create the frame structure for connecting most fo the major mobile OS's with the applications of The Heart Device and the major mobile OS's.

This will intel a connection with the commerce connection for subscriptions and store purchases.

Commitment: part-time



This designer will be a sports fanatic as well. With the combination of technology and the design of the fabric vessel, the marriage makes all the difference in the world of esthetics. This person will work closely in the exotic design of The JaQet series to complete the experience of the effects from the insertion of the display shield, to the special ribbing pattern, to the light fabric layout.

Commitment: part-time


mobile app app design m-commerce ios app android app graphic design

Designers will create the foundation of the APP for both the major mobile OS's and the The JaQet OS that will be universal found in The Heart Device.

This group will work on the beauty and esthetics of the design of the interface materials and collaborate with the developer and the videographer to harmonize the application.

Commitment: part-time


videography motion graphics marketing media

The art of captivation is devised in the connection of many small elements strung together to create that 'One Moment'. All video, snapshots, created mediums and other effects will be choreographed to catch the audience eye for the application and the creative marketing plan.

Commitment: part-time

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