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Currently working on a start up in the education field. It is a mobile learning platform that effectively allows students to learn better and teachers to better understand their students in order to instruct more efficiently. I have been doing market research on the education industry for about a year; collecting information from students and teachers, evaluating the latest innovations in education and also predicting what the education industry might look like in the next decade.

With that being said, I am looking for a Co-Founder with exceptional mobile development skills in Swift, Objective-C and other non-mobile languages , to join my team and also assist in daily operational activities as well as build prototype model. Compensation can be salary and/or equity in company. This is an opportunity for the long term. If any interest has been created, please message me on this website, or contact me via phone number or email address. 239-321-1487 / [email protected]


Commitment: part-time

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