Cooks for a Cause (Wizzy's Kitchen)

The goal of this non-profit is to: provide a quality food delivery service at competitive pricing; house and feed college students who are working in the organization; raise funds (preferably $1000) every month to donate to another local non-profit.

How does a non-profit accomplish this? By procuring a house with a garage; this garage will be modified to fit food service/safety regulations; After covering the costs on equipment, house, food, and other expenses for the month, the proceeds would be donated.

What's the niche? The idea is to deliver a customizable meal (using a mobile app or computer), with options from soup/salad, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Since I like to be creative, the menu would change from time to time. As I gather more research from my customers, I could put together an "All-Star" menu, which brings back some of the all-time favorite recipes due to popular demand.


non-profits food service delivery

I am looking for guidance and resources.

Commitment: part-time


mobile apps web design

I'd like to be able to offer my customizable menu online and in a user-friendly app.

Commitment: part-time

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