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Working with Burnout Games Ventures - and their amazing talent pool of developers - the "RAK" team (Roadside Assistance Kits) will be developing assets for the online Asset Store communities. We're dedicated not only to quality, but also making things quickly and filling the needs of our customers -- the independent game developers! Currently, the RAK team is looking for 3D artists and audio developers, but if you have experience with Asset Stores and would like to have the help of BGV to give you support and assistance, let us know!

Visual Artist

3d modeling 3d texturing concept art

Currently, our immediate needs are for 3D modelers whom can manage their time by themselves and work a minimum of 10 hours a week on assigned tasks. Our production schedule is not high volume, but it is an ambitious turn around from start to finish. You'll gain experience with working on an art team under a Producer, and end up with some great resume pieces!

Commitment: part-time


audio sound effects

Every complete 3D asset we create will be accompanied by it's own sound effects, be it the drawing of a sword from a scabbard, or the sound a plant makes as it gets watered. We need skilled audio developers whom are willing to put in a minimum of 10 hours a week to make our good looking art sound great!

Commitment: part-time

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