Blog4Bitcoin is one facet of a larger project offering a new paradigm for web site operators to monetize their traffic. Users receive proven technologies such as Wordpress and PHP to aggregate their traffic with that of others into a larger, more marketable block. The included shopping cart enables the individual member to then offer it to their own blog's visitor. This taps into an otherwise underutilized asset (ie the traffic LEAVING websites). While most site operators are focused towards getting traffic TO their site, many operators, however, miss the fact that there is nearly a perfect one-to-one ratio of the traffic leaving a site to that arriving at it. Despite knowing the cost of the acquiring traffic they miss the value and opportunity of the traffic leaving it. This initial phase will focus on enabling students to publish otherwise unpublished school work and monetizing the traffic derived from it.


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The business model aims towards users installing our app and achieving a growing "network effect". The app needs improvement in enabling users to customise and "brand" it to their own after installation.

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Web traffic is a unique product in that every site that uses/consumes it can also be a producer of it at the same time. Every customer that buys the web traffic of this network is a potential recruit to add their own web traffic to the aggregate of the network. A FREE network marketing/multi-level compensation system was adopted as a result to provide a long-term "ownership" stake for participants.

Commitment: part-time

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