By: Bess Auer


Startup Needs: , 1 Developer

We have a need for a conference app - imagine Instagram but...

By: Cup Kkake


Startup Needs: , 1 Designer

Cupkkake! It's like an explosion of flavor all over your fac...

By: Adam Pickett

Orlando, Florida Area

Startup Needs: , 1 Developer

My One Resource is a SaaS application that allows users to m...

By: Robert Lefebure

Orlando, Fl

Startup Needs: , 1 Designer , 1 Project Manager

Blog4Bitcoin is one facet of a larger project offering a new...

By: Charmaine Carpenter

Melbourne, Florida

Startup Needs:

I developed a technique that helps small businesses become...

By: Bennett "Sandy" Masin


Startup Needs:

Tech TY is a start-up company in the University of Central F...

By: Marc Sheradsky

Startup Needs: , 1 Designer

Currently confidential. Therefore, masked startup title and...

By: Frederic Tyson

Orlando - Kissimmee

Startup Needs:

Performance Parking is a business to business valet company...

By: Damone Franklin

Orlando, FL

Startup Needs:

Curry Delivery Service serving Central Florida. The idea...

By: Gleb Teper


Startup Needs:

At bandbasher we provide members with a simple, intuitive en...

By: Mark Patterson


Startup Needs:

We are creating a collaborative video service, much like Vin...

By: Robert Burris


Startup Needs:

This is a weekly podcast that chronicles the birth of a busi...