By: Ashley Simpson

Orlando, Florida

Startup Needs: , 4 Developer

Film Fray is the pathway for those who value the compelling...

By: Devinder Singh


Startup Needs: , 1 Developer

Hello I have over 30 years experience in the fashion busine...

By: Annette Lilly


Startup Needs: , 2 Developer , 2 Designer

Group Vacations Made Easy. We believe that you shouldn't hav...

By: Charles Grimm

New Smyrna Beach

Startup Needs: , 1 Designer , 1 Writer

We are looking for good guys/gals that want to work this Sta...

By: John Gottshalk


Startup Needs:

Crowe Design is a team of visionary thinkers, programmers, d...

By: Zachary Wishnov


Startup Needs:

This is the next Auntie Anne's pretzels but with french frie...

By: John Todero

Downtown Orlando

Startup Needs:

Dyverse is a real estate digital marketing solutions company...

By: Chris Gerrish

Winter Park, FL

Startup Needs: , 1 Developer

Stream Monkey delivers high quality, robust, and simple vide...

By: Bess Auer


Startup Needs: , 1 Developer

We have a need for a conference app - imagine Instagram but...

By: Cup Kkake


Startup Needs: , 1 Designer

Cupkkake! It's like an explosion of flavor all over your fac...

By: Adam Pickett

Orlando, Florida Area

Startup Needs: , 1 Developer

My One Resource is a SaaS application that allows users to m...

By: Robert Lefebure

Orlando, Fl

Startup Needs: , 1 Designer , 1 Project Manager

Blog4Bitcoin is one facet of a larger project offering a new...