By: jon dixon

United States

Startup Needs: , 1 Business

my company will need strong seo, my marketing budget will...

By: Samantha Dammer


Startup Needs: , 1 Designer

Experienced attorney available to help start-ups with their...

By: Kevin Marsh

Startup Needs: , 2 Developer

Mobile technology company focusing on the hyperlocal space

By: Matthew Marsh

Orlando, FL

Startup Needs: , 1 Business

Ready Made Inc is an Orlando, FL based company with IP for a...

By: Cole Brickley


Startup Needs: , 1 Developer

MoversAtlas is an Orlando based Real Estate technology start...

By: Eric Wicinski


Startup Needs: , 1 Other , 1 Developer

The goal of this non-profit is to: provide a quality food de...

By: Dan Wolfenbarger

Hardee County FLA

Startup Needs: , 1 Engineer , 1 Engineer

We design and build underwater remotely operated vehicles fo...

By: Geoffrey Fahey

Tampa, FL

Startup Needs: , 1 Designer , 2 Developer

The New Yelp which actually helps to improve things instead...

By: Mark Novak

Maitland, Winter Park, Orlando

Startup Needs: , 6 Designer , 6 Developer

Looking for talented individuals that want to be part of an...

By: Tim Murphy

Orlando, FL

Startup Needs: , 10 Other , 1 Other

PHreshKITCHEN is a new healthy alternative franchise restaur...

By: Eric Good

Orlando, FL

Startup Needs: , 1 Developer

Our Mission: By using technology, community, and passion Lif...

By: Tzvia LoRusso

United States

Startup Needs: , 1 Developer

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