By: Isabel Perry

Central Fl Research Park at UCF. 3259 Progress Drive, Orlando, FL 32826

Startup Needs: , 1 Designer

Seeking part-time intern with PHP skills. 15 hours/week. Pre...

By: Roozbeh Meghdadi


Startup Needs: , 1 Designer

your single, secure place to easily manage your personal do...

By: Maria Thomas

Tampa, FL

Startup Needs: , 1 Designer , 1 Business

Modern Connect is a universal advertising platform that uses...

By: Fiorella Reategui


Startup Needs: , 1 Designer , 1 Marketer

Metanoia Living is a lifestyle and travel blog. I need assis...

By: Susan Lee

winter park

Startup Needs: , 1 Marketer

A puzzle mix action game publish on mobile platform include...

By: Scott Clous


Startup Needs: , 1 Designer , 1 Marketer

Providing validation for Founders and Angel Investors. Know...

By: Landon Hale

Orlando, FL, United States

Startup Needs: , 1 Designer

Carter-Health is a Cleanroom solutions provider for sterile...

By: Jess Brummer

Winter Park, FL

Startup Needs: , 3 Visual Artist , 2 Other

Working with Burnout Games Ventures - and their amazing tale...

By: Kia Ricchi


Startup Needs: , 1 Developer

iCheckContractors is an online service that instantly verifi...

By: Chris Pusczak

Winter Park, Florida

Startup Needs: , 1 Engineer

Project VRmor takes the latest virtual reality tech and comb...

By: Kevin Gray

Orlando, FL

Startup Needs: , 1 Designer

Will fill out soon.

By: Thomas Hemingway

lakewood ranch

Startup Needs: , 1 Business

Licensed general contracting, kitchens and bathrooms, additi...