By: Jones Levenson

Orlando, FL

Startup Needs: , 1 Developer , 1 Designer

Kritik is a new app designed for movie and TV lovers to shar...

By: James Parr

Orlando, FL

Startup Needs: , 1 Designer

www.ProImprovement.CO is a coming we application that easily...

By: Daniel Arthur

Tampa, FL

Startup Needs: , 1 Developer , 1 Marketer

Edutainment Industries, LLC is an education and entertainmen...

By: Dean Nixon

St. Petersburg, FL

Startup Needs: , 1 Designer , 1 Developer

Bequestful is just an idea and business model as of now. Our...

By: Deepak Prabakaran


Startup Needs: , 2 Developer , 2 Writer

Idea is to keep the artistic film community people away from...

By: Ron Liss

Maitland FL

Startup Needs: , 1 Developer

APRA is a nonprofit consumer organization established to imp...

By: Dylan D'Orazio

Orlando, Fl.

Startup Needs: , 1 Designer

Currently working on a start up in the education field. It i...

By: Knakeesha Samuels

Downtown Orlando, FL

Startup Needs: , 1 Marketer , 1 Designer

Karisma Event Productions is a boutique event planning compa...

By: Don Landers

Orlando, FL

Startup Needs: , 2 Developer

Software and mobile apps which compliment marketing and publ...

By: Richard Liebespach

Tampa Bay area

Startup Needs: , 1 Marketer

Through seminars public speaking and podcast I teach people...

By: Isabel Perry

Central Fl Research Park at UCF. 3259 Progress Drive, Orlando, FL 32826

Startup Needs: , 1 Designer

Seeking part-time intern with PHP skills. 15 hours/week. Pre...

By: Roozbeh Meghdadi


Startup Needs: , 1 Designer

your single, secure place to easily manage your personal do...