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By: Robert Lefebure

Orlando, Fl

Startup Needs: 1 Designer 1 Project Manager 1 Marketer

Blog4Bitcoin is one facet of a larger project offe...

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Outdoor Robotics - Drone & UAS Technology
By: Charles Grimm

New Smyrna Beach

Startup Needs: 1 Designer 1 Writer 1 Filmmaker

We are looking for good guys/gals that want to wor...

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Carlos J Vega

Orlando, FL


My degree is in Criminal Justice, my training is actually in Logistics and Supply, my passion is Rapid Prototyping. It was a long road to reach that final reali...

Manufacturing Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing Marketing Graphic Design CAD

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Pavel Vakh

United States


IT infrastructure monkey

infrastructure engineering IT

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